Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pet food

I don't want this to turn into some Andy Rooney-ish bitch page, but "d'ja ever notice...?" -- ya would, anyway, if you had pets -- that if you try to buy pet food online on certain pet store sites, they charge shipping by the case, right? So this week, I found a coupon code I thought worth its weight in gold (okay, in Science Diet). And it says, "free shipping over $55 purchase! No weight restrictions!" Well, great. I can buy 5 cases of cat food and all will be good. Until of course I go on the site and start loading shit into my cart, and it says "sorry, food or litter is excluded." Um, are there any other real items at a pet store about which we should all be excited that there are no weight restrictions? I mean, what, catnip? Fluffy toys? GFY, Petco.

Oh yeah, it's Petco, by the way.


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