Thursday, March 09, 2006

March madness bathroom update

What I haven't mentioned since last weekend and should have by now is
that we managed to check a few boxes off the to-do-in-bathroom list
last weekend. For not a hell of a lot of money, we changed the look of
the room in a noticable way.

**We took down the nasty old shower door that was affixed like you
wouldn't believe to the tub and walls, siliconed like mad, I guess, in
case of natural disaster. I dunno. But what I do know is that getting
those tracks off the shower walls and tub caused 10 or 12 wall tiles
to come off along with it, at which point spouse made me fetch mortar
and trowel from the hardware store, stat. Tiles reaffixed (spouse is a
superstar!), I somehow managed to take a backwards step onto the
notched trowel and, well, blood (and tetanus shot) ensued. Cost of
removal, zero. Mortar, trowel, etc, only about $19. Cost od tetanus
shot: $15. Bandaids: $2.

** We then regrouted most of the tile with nice, no-stain white grout.
Freshened up the look quite a bit. Cost of grout, grout saw, sponge,
etc, about $20.

** New, fancy shower curtain, liner, curtain rod and rings came next.
Cost about $53 total.

I'll post photos when I learn how. This weekend, I'd like to shop for
the vanity (very hard, because it has to be tiny and white---any
ideas?), faucet, new shower hardware (does this need to be installed
by a pro??). Wish us luck!


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