Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Upromise, check please

We Spouses have no rugrats, but we were turned on to Upromise a few years ago by people who do. So I signed up under my name, and started collecting, you know, nickel by nickel. Through a few bigger purchases, we now have about $160 in the Upromise account. Great, but also frustrating because it's sitting there, not making any money for us whatever, and can't be transferred to a 529 if there is no benefitting rugrat in question. So...

So I just found out by reading some fine print the other day that you can actually write Upromise and ask them to cut you a check from money that's already in your account. So I did. They say that they only send out checks once a quarter, so maybe I'll get it in just a couple of weeks. But how great would that be to just throw that dough onto the ol' suffering Amex?


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Julia said...

Hi -- I'm a big fan of reward programs (lesson the guilt of spending online). I use Urpomise, but I could never get my friends/family to join (too many steps.) They DID join Little Grad (www.littlegrad.com) which will let you put money whereever you want-- checking account, 529 whatever. All electronic payments, automatically. Cool stuff. Blog on. -- JPSM


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