Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have sinned.

It's been ages since I've shown my lowly self here. I'm hanging my head in shame because the Amex has shot up, and for no emergency-type reason. Though we have been funneling extra cash, expecting the home improvements that we've been making to drive that balance upward, it's still about $1,000 more than it was a month ago. We've redone a room--transformed it from tacky little girl's bedroom to mod, sleek office--and we're thrilled, but yikes. We've also had some improvements done to the deck and the front door/porch area. The changes do make a big difference--in this weather, now all I want to do is hang out on the deck--but I'm now beating myself up about that balance, which is now at about $14,800 up from about $13,400 ($300 of which are work charges to be reimbursed).

I know that some people do their blogs in part to be held accountable and to get encouragement from readers and I guess, yes, that influenced why I'm here, but now I kind of feel like I should just skulk off, haha.

The battle between improving home (and equity, etc that goes along with it) and getting out of debt rages on.


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