Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Closer to zero

Well, I've just paid down $400 on the Amex, bringing the total down to $13,508.60. A month ago it was $15,675.17. Most of the difference has to do with the $1500 or so that I put down courtsey of the tax refund. But I am thrilled that with just $510 or so, I can see that second digit crawl down to 2. It's still a big number but honestly, I'm proud of the progress that only 30 days has meant.

Absolutehome.com sent me a couple of weeks ago an entirely new medicine cabinet (you'll remember this is all because our shelves were chipped). So now we're in the situation of trying to figure out what to do with this whole cabinet, when we only need the shelves.

I think we're almost at $1,000 in mutual funds, just by funneling unnoticeable money away over the past five or six months. It's not much given the time frame, but maybe I'd have spent it on groceries or clothes otherwise, so there.

Financial things might be changing soon--not on these points, but on others that I can't yet talk about. Given that, and given that we have money in the bank, I've felt worse.


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