Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Madness Status

I'm suffering a big loss right now because the List of All Lists, of all the things I wanted to accomplish by April 30, has gone missing. I have no idea if someone walked away with it, or if it blew out my car window one day when I was driving with the windows down. (I saw something fly, but I don't know what. And the list is long and therefore kinda heavy!) That I'll have to redo.

But last weekend we did replace the vanity, faucet, and sink in our bathroom. Also, some of the fixtures in the shower. It makes a world of difference, but now it's even more obvious that the medicine cabinet and light fixtures have to be updated.

Here's the before pic:

Here's the after pic:

Costs were as follows:

Kohler faucet: $88
Vanity base: $129.99
Vanity sink: $50

Home Depot, baby, home depot.


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