Sunday, July 30, 2006

Making almost $100 out of nothing, and questions about best credit card deals...

Thanks to Family CEO, My Money Forest (was that you?) and others for the tips on making money while I'm here cutting my fingernails, ha! From the various recommendations that I've read this week, I've made about $90-100 for doing nothing, and saved a couple bucks with very lucrative coupons. Here's the quick lowdown:

$5+ 20+ 50= $75 for that "entertain50" Sharebuilder and Ebates scheme. Did that, and am trying to get Spouse and friends in on that referral action to try to push that total even higher. Want a referral? Email me!!

$20 on the "bid on Ebay from your phone" scheme that I've read on more than one blog. I got a "you will get this money on Paypal in a day or two" email late last week, but no Paypal dough yet as of today (Sunday). Hey, I'm just excited that I'm about to get paid even though I bid on something and was quickly outbid, so it's $20 pure profit.

Bought at $3 lottery ticket in a neighboring state today. Won $3, decided not to push my luck by letting it ride. Cashed out.

Went to Home Depot today, and used a "$10 off $25" coupon that I had from Lowe's. The coupon was expired. After about 3 seconds of confusion and talking to managers, the cashier had $10 deducted from my bill. I guess HD is desperate to match Lowe's bargains, and vice versa. I didn't expect them to take the coupon. It's just one of those "ask, and you shall receive" kinds of deals. Hooray!

A question for all: My 0% credit card will expire next month. Where should I go next for the best combination of low APR, free goodies, and all the rest? Any recommendations would be great.



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