Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What holiday gift do you really want?

There are always a few people on my gift-buying list that prove just impossible to buy for (*cough* Dad), and I wonder if people think the same about me. When people ask me what I want, the answer is simple: Gift cards.

But aren't gift cards a copout, given by people who can't be bothered to pick a thoughtful gift out?

Maybe. But it beats someone else trying to buy me furniture or clothes.

So I wrestle philosophically with hating to give these impersonal tokens, while at the same time hoping that I receive (lots of) these same tokens.

So, what's at the top of your gift list?


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Mercedes Lopez said...

Read one of your bottom posts where you were wondering if anyone was reading; so that was the sound of a tree hitting the floor; sort of.

I like gift cards as well; the freedom to get the crap you want and not some shirts or socks that may or may not fit. Plus when someone can't think of something they always go for the easy gift like shirts or socks!

But I also realize that sometimes gift cards are pretty impersonal. So for example this mother's day I got my mom 2 trees (3 if you count the one me and my brother got the next day) and I planted them in her very hard dirt after I broke it up and mixed it with good enriched soil. Sometimes doing something where they can see the result of your effort ends up being the best gift possible. Now she could have gotten the trees and stuff for that with a gift card but after doing the labor I don't think she would have appreciated my gift as much.


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