Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thanks, mom and dad

After my parents got wind that my evil private student loan lender (S&M, in no uncertain terms) had jacked rates up to 8.75%, they offered to pay off the 16k (there's still another 80k apart from this, but it's at a much better interest rate) and have me pay them back interest free. I really feel uncomfortable with the parents-doing-nice-things-for-me thing, I think we're all trying to be independent adults, etc. but this kind offer will cut about 4 years off of my previous 10-year payoff, so I graciously accepted. And if I ramp the payments up a little higher (I'd almost rather owe Visa or whoever else money, rather than my family), that payoff date will be even closer. I did the financially correct thing, I think, but whether parents holding a promissary note is a good thing or not, well, I think is a flip of the coin. I am lucky, very lucky, I know--and I'm not complaining--but I still feel guilty somehow.


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