Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm a Winner!

I've just received the prize that I won in FiveCentNickel's anniversary contest: Frances Leonard's Book Time Is Money: A Million-Dollar Investment Plan for Today's Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings. Heehee, that Nickel's a kidder—I'm guessing that "Time is Money" was perfect for me because I was the lame a$$ (with dollar signs) who took so long to reply to his "you won" email. Or maybe FCN read my "about me," wherein I mention being one of the age groups mentioned in the subtitle. In any case, it appears that he really put some thought into this. I'd be really curious to know how he decided who got what—was it in order of response? Whose blog he liked best? What did CrazyDude do to deserve the bricks? Does anybody know? You know I was thinking, Quarters are shiny and silver, I-Pods are shiny and silver... :)

Thanks so much, Nickel—the book looks interesting and now I have the long weekend to start on it. Many happy returns.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! Maybe I'll actually write some sorta-more-real entries, now that I have a little time.


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