Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And the bucket...

Is totally empty. We haven't had any spare cash or change to spend, let alone to throw into the "save it and forget it" vessel. Hopefully that will change soon.

Also, we've taken a good chunk ($6500?) of the emergency funds that were with Fidelity and put them in ING so that we can earn some interest. The thing is that Fidelity actually lets you at the money sooner than ING does, so we had to leave some there in case, you know, Spouse has to come bail my ass out of prison or something.

I returned something to Target today, so I should get $90 or so credit on the ol' Amex. Plus the dental reimbursement ($90?), whenever that comes in. Plus some of my slush fund ($150). I am going to throw the wrath of god on this Amex, that is, after we buy some light fixutres for the bathroom. Isn't it always this way? Still waiting for the final word on how much we get back on taxes. Hurrrrryyyyyyyyyy!

And one last thing: anyone know what to buy for a kid who's turning 1?


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