Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tension with the tension rod

Okay, so I already mentioned that we took down our shower curtain and
replaced it with a nice, new fluffy curtain that hangs on a tension
rod. I may also have mentioned that, for whatever reason, our entire
bathroom (ceiling, check!) is tiled.

The shower curtain is trying to eat me alive. Or, no, the rod is
trying to brain me. Because the walls are all tile, the rod starts
slipping after a few minutes of the shower water running, because
moisture starts to collect on the walls. The curtain fell on me three
times while I was in the shower today (covered in shampoo, no less),
and our kitten got in the tub, too. What a morning.

The morals of this story? 1. Don't put tile where tile doesn't belong.
2. If you own rather than rent, fully utilize your right to screw
whatever you want into the wall. I'm going straight to Target tonight
after work...


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